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Urban Boxes

The Urban Jewelry boxes ara an elegant and romantic series. The boxes are lined, both on the outside and inside, in high quality suede fabric, soft and pleasant to the touch.

Urban jewellery boxes

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Multipurpose jewellery box, earrings, ring and chain. Aquamarine suede

Urban - Multipurpose Box (Med)

90 x 90 x 37 mm From 6,55 € / ud.
Multipurpose jewellery box suede aquamarina

Urban - Multipurpose Box (S)

60 x 65 x 50 mm From 5,62 € / ud.
Necklace jewellery box. Aquamarine suede

Urban - Necklace Box

160 x 160 x 37 mm From 17,75 € / ud.

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