Basic principles of jewellery packaging
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Basic principles of jewellery packaging

The ideal jewellery packaging should be functional and attractive.

What do we think about when we design a jewellery box?

  • Functionality. That it perfectly fulfills its function of protecting and storing the jewels.
  • Design. That it is innovative that make a difference, playing with colours, materials and shapes. Created for different kind of jewels and brands.
  • Engagement. That recall emotions, that tells stories, that connects the public with a brand.

In short, innovative, practical and versatile packaging that meets the needs of each brand. That is the commitment that we have from Compack with the packaging: to offer boxes, bags, sample books and jewellery displays of all styles, customizable in colours, materials and accessories, that talk about you.

Selling experiences, not only products

Expectations for what a box contains are multiplied when the packaging is attractive, original and quality. Because we will be giving the customer a complete and satisfactory shopping experience. And we will also be talking about our brand, putting the emphasis on details and care in what we do and offer. And it will help the customer not only to recognize a brand, but to identify with it.